Pavilion Integration Corporation
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"PIC is about making sure our customers' have a competitive advantage by providing them with the lowest overall system cost solution while meeting just-intime need."
Lindsay Austin,
Chairman & Co-founder

"We differentiate along many dimensions,but foremost is our focus on and level of service we provide to our customers."
Ningyi Luo
CEO & Co-founder

PIC designs and manufactures lasers, laser modules and subsystems for instrumentation predominantly in biotechnology, as well as inspection, imaging and other major industries. We offer CW and modulated solid-state lasers with patented WhisperIT® technology covering from UV, visible to IR wavelength ranges. We are specialized in delivery of photons the way our customers need them. Our innovative technology and expertise in lasers and optical modules provide a high level of integration and help the customers to succeed. The benefits to our customers are:

  • Patented WhipserIT® technology enables ultra-stable and low-noise lasers
  • Streamlined supply chain and manufacturing cost reduction
  • Faster design cycles with highly experienced workforce for contracted optical assembly design and manufacturing


Whisper IT
Whisper Compact
Whisper SL
free space laser
fiber delivered laser
laser module